Due to COVID-19 the FDFI 2020 has been canceled. We look forward to FDFI 2021.

Airplane Rides

The American Aeronautical Foundation will be offering rides in a WWII era B-25J Mitchell bomber.  Experience a once in a lifetime 30 minute flight for $425/person.  Rides can be booked ahead of time by calling (805) 377-2106.

Or visiting: http://www.aafgroup.org/flight-experience.html  

Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides

We are excited to announce that the RE/MAX Balloon, courtesy of  
Cheers Aerial Media will be providing tethered rides at this years FDFI in the morning and evening, weather permitting!

Find them on FB:  https://www.facebook.com/cheersballoon/ 

Aerial Demonstration Program

****Aerial Demonstration times are approximate and subject to change****

11:30 - Opening Ceremonies, Color Guard and National Anthem Fly Over

11:45 - 12:15 Bay Bomber/Tiger Squadron Formation Demonstration

12:15 Airplane VS Car Race

12:25 Drag Races

12:45 Antique/Experimental Fly-bys

1:00 STOL (Short takeoff and landing) Demonstration

1:30 Airplane VS Car Race

2:00 Stearman vs Model A "Race"

2:15 Flour Bombing & Spot Landing Contest

3:00 Final Fly-bys